Investment & construction project management is the process that requires unconditional professionalism.
Who is a professional in this field? For our team it is the one which:
Knows how to achieve the result as quickly as possible; avoids delays in work because it is always more advantageous both for us and our customers to resolve issues in a prompt way.
Is skilled not only in its subject but also in related sectors; sees beyond the contract and is not afraid of sharing its experience with the customer.
Use the available resources in an effective way and always launches necessary processes in a timely manner thus saving the customer’s time and money.
First listens to the customer's wishes and then gives its recommendations to maximize task performance.
Values its reputation and its customer’s reputation, considers the effective management of its business as task No. 1.

Этим правилам специалисты компании "Рокет груп" следуют уже более 20 лет, предоставляя клиентам весь свой многолетний опыт решения сложнейших комплексных задач и высокий профессионализм команды российских и международных экспертов и специалистов.

Услугами наших экспертов уже воспользовались такие компании как ООО «ИКЕА МОС» (проекты «МЕГА Дыбенко» и «МЕГА Парнас»), ОАО «Филипп Моррис Ижора» (проект фабрики «Филипп Моррис»), ООО «Энергопроект» (ППТ жилого микрорайона), ОАО "Сбербанк" (проект строительство Архивно -Логистического Центра в «Томилино»), ОАО «Дворец спорта» (Ледовый дворец в Санкт-Петербурге), ООО «Сведвуд Тихвин» ( строительство деревообрабатывающего завода), Сканска OУ ( строительство Шведского консульства и бизнес центра в Санкт-Петербурге) и многие другие российские и зарубежные заказчики в сфере промышленного, коммерческого, жилого и общественного строительства.

Our objectives

Our core business principles include maximum responsibility for our work, meeting of deadlines, seeking for the most quality solution in the performance of tasks of any complexity. Each our project led by us is a priority. To achieve the most effective results, we use the Project Management method: the efficient team with the necessary experience and established relationship in a particular business field is selected for each customer.
Why are we valued by our customers?
— We always demonstrate high quality and solve tasks in due time
— We keep up on applicable legislative initiatives
— We are able to find solutions to the most complicated issuesодить пути решения самых сложных вопросов
— We have ample expertise and process capabilities
— We conduct business in an open and transparent way, value and respect our partnership
What do we offer to our customers?
— Confidence in the result: our wide experience of successful implementation of large-scale projects proves the high level of competence of our experts
— Integrated approach: we always suggest to our customers the effective way to solve a particular task to maximize the achievement of the ultimate goal
— Cost saving: we reduce expenses of our customers due to budget optimization and application of innovative process solutions
— 24/7 monitoring: regardless of the extent of personal participation of our customers in project management, we can provide a full project report at any time

More than a hundred customers have chosen us